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Vivid Voltage Sleeved Booster Pack

Vivid Voltage Sleeved Booster Pack

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Prepare to have your socks blown right off your little toesies by the utterly stupendous Pokémon TCG: Vivid Voltage Booster Pack! Get ready for a whirlwind of greatness as new Pokémon V burst onto the scene, including the mysterious and mythical Zarude! Brace yourself for the most dazzling and rainbow-tastic Amazing Rare Pokémon you've ever laid eyes on, alongside gigantic Pokémon VMAX that are so huge, they may need their own zip code!

Hold onto your hats as Nessa and her Drednaw unleash Vise Wave, leaving opponents more paralyzed than a scared goat. It's time for a truly electrifying spectacle with the spectacular duo of Amazing Rayquaza and its jungle-powered ally, Zarude V! Watch as they ramp up the excitement and hit foes with an Amazing Burst that's hotter than Charizard's spicy salsa!

Join forces with Champion Leon and his trusty Charizard for a show-stopping performance! With Leon's Battle Sense and Charizard's fiery enthusiasm, they'll burn through opponents like a herd of on-fire garbage cans!

Step into a world of exiting Pokémon battles with the Pokémon TCG: Vivid Voltage expansion. Get ready for outrageous fun and explosive surprises that will leave you happier than Peter Crouch doing the robot!

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