Trading Card Conditions

Every card uploaded here is priced at current market value based on the condition of the card. Below is how we classify each card into the different categories of condition. There are only two of us running this litte dream of ours, so we simply do not have the time to take pictures of every single card that we upload. We are happy to provide you with detailed pitcures of any cards you are interested in purchasing from us on here. Simply email us at or reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook (@kookycollectibles) and let us know which card you'd like to see!

Near Mint (NM)

All cards are in Near Mint condition unless otherwise stated on the product page for that card. Near Mint means we believe it should grade a PSA 7 or higher if submitted for grading. THIS DOES NOT GARAUNTEE YOUR CARD WILL GRADE A 7 OR HIGHER IF YOU SEND IT IN. THIS IS SIMPLY OUR OPINION BASED ON OUR OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCES. Near Mint cards may still have minor factory defects such as print lines, ink blots/smears, off centering, that weird imprint on the back of V cards, the little notch on the top edge of a lot of Scarlet & Violet era cards, etc.

Lightly Played (LP)

Lightly Played means that there may be some slight wear and tear to the card. Maybe there are some scrathes on the holo, or it's got whitening on the back edges. Maybe there are a bit more excessive print lines and it's too off centered to be in the NM category. Maybe you've played this card a couple of times but, overall, it still looks decent. These cards would probably grade around a PSA 6 or so.

Moderately Played (MP)

Now we're starting to get into the territory that some of your childhood cards might be in. If you kept your cards in a binder as a kid and only took them out to show your friends and then put them back in the binder, but you also didn't have them sleeved at any point, but you weren't playing with them so why would you need to sleeve them?, but you also put two cards back to back in each slot, and you had the binder that you could keep adding more pages to, and you put as many pages as could possibly fit in the binder because you had to have more cards than your friends to become the ultimate Pokemon master.... The cards in the middle of that mess might be MP. MP cards have more noticable wear and tear to them, they probably have distinct whitening on the back edges, with print lines, and holo scratches. These cards would likely grade around a 4 or 5

Heavily Played (HP)

These last two categories are more than likely the condition your childhood cards are in if you actually played with them. HP cards are WORN OUT. It's time to put them in the retirement home and let them finally relax. These cards have seen some things. These are the cards you had on the playground as a kid. These are the ones you've played to death but just can't bring yourself to part ways with. There's scratches and creases and crayon and who knows what else on there.

Damaged (DMG)

Damaged cards have been altered outside of just general wear and tear. A print line is not damage. A scratch on the holo is not damage. Damage is a crease or tear or your sister drew on it sharpie or you dropped it in a puddle. It can really vary in condition. Sometimes they look like they've been through a washing machine inside of a volcano. Sometimes they may look NM, but they have a small crease or noticeable indentation. Any card with damage will not grade higher than a PSA 6, even if everything else about the card is perfect.