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Silver Tempest Sleeved Booster Pack

Silver Tempest Sleeved Booster Pack

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Welcome to the whacky world of Pokemon with the Silver Tempest Booster Pack! Get swept away in a storm of silliness as tempests collide and chaos reigns supreme! Experience VSTAR Power that's weirder than a Psyduck without amnesia! Attach Forest Seal Stone and unleash the Star Alchemy Ability—deck searching like a raccoon rummaging through an interdimensional pantry! 

Hold on tight with Earthen Seal Stone and witness the mind-boggling Star Gravity attack—like a clumsy old man accidentally tap-dancing better than any professional tap dancer ever has, all over your opponents' Pokémon V!

Radiant Pokémon burst onto the scene like a flock of dancing lobsters, offering healing, mind-bending tricks, and deck-searching wonders!

Join Lugia and Alolan Vulpix as they perform mind-blowing stunts as Pokémon VSTAR. And how cool is that Lugia Alt Art?!?!

Regidrago VSTAR awakens, bringing the mighty Apex Dragon attack—like a dragon DJ scratching records, it uses moves from discarded Dragon Pokémon. Get ready to groove with Dragonite's Energy Hurricane and Noivern's Radiant Hunt!

Dive into the absurdity, embrace the weirdness, and burst into laughter with Pokémon Silver Tempest Booster Pack—because life's too short to not play Pokemon!

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