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Scarlet & Violet Sleeved Booster Pack

Scarlet & Violet Sleeved Booster Pack

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Introducing the Scarlet & Violet Booster Pack, a blast of epic Pokémon battles and dare we say... A WHOLE LOT OF FUN! Brace yourself for Koraidon ex, roaring with ancient power like a dinosaur doing 90's WWE steroids! 

Get ready for Miraidon ex's dazzling debut, searching your deck for Basic Pokémon like a shopaholic searching for a killer sale—talk about shop 'til you drop! Charge up attackers like Magnezone ex with Electric Generator, making your Pokémon feel electrified and ready to rock the stage like The Rock doing one of his absolutely outlandish promos!

Pokémon ex are back, evolving from Pokémon like kids coming out of their teen angst phase —gotta love that evolution glow-up!

Witness the dazzling Terastal phenomenon, turning Pokémon into shimmering crystal wonders that even Gucci Mane would envy. Those fancy jewels on the Bench grant immunity to damage, leaving opponents scratching their heads like an elementary classroom infested with lice.

Jiro Sasumo's illustrations are a heartwarming sketch, capturing the bond between Trainers and Pokémon in welcoming slice-of-life moments. From building homes to knitting grannies, it's a Gardevoir-approved sitcom!

Prepare for laughs, lightning, and Pokémon shenanigans in Scarlet & Violet! The Booster Pack guarantees a side-splitting adventure with more twists than a contortionist at a yoga festival!

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