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Lost Origin Sleeved Booster Pack

Lost Origin Sleeved Booster Pack

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Get ready to dive into the wacky wonderland of the Pokémon Lost Origin Booster Pack! Giratina has gone all "space-crazy" and ripped through reality, creating a rift into the hilariously mysterious Lost Zone. It's like the Bermuda Triangle but Giratina is in charge of those jabronis. 

Picture this: you're strategically placing cards in the Lost Zone, and your opponent's like, "Wait, where'd they go?" Your response? "Get wreckt ya goober!" And let's not forget the Trainer Gallery, capturing those heartwarming moments between trainers and their Pokémon. 

But watch out for Rotom! This little guy scavenges discarded Pokémon Tools like a raccoon at a garage sale. It's like, "Who needs fresh berries when you can have... a stupid wrench?" And Porygon 2's Garbage Attack? It's like throwing a trash can at your opponent's Pokémon, which is both hilarious and illegal in some states!

So, gear up for chaos and an unforgettable adventure with the Pokémon Lost Origin Booster Pack!

Pack Includes: 

  • 1 Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield—Lost Origin booster pack
    • Booster pack contains 10 cards and either 1 basic Energy or 1 VSTAR marker. Cards vary by pack.
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